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Keyword Research

Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of keywords and phrases that people would use to find a site like yours. Some are used more than others. With the proper research we are able to sort those into a list from most used to least used.

The next step is to integrate these words and phrases into your web pages at specified intervals and frequency in a natural flow.

When you are faced with overwhelming competition, we have to use additional techniques to get your site to the top area of the list. So, in the beginning, we go after the other words and phrases. We capture those and optimize your site for them. This will guarantee you a share of the market right out of the gate.

If your site is in a much less competitive zone, we may be able to get you top placement for even the most sought after words or phrases. It's all about the arena you are entering.

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Always opt for Header content as opposed to a larger font when the text contains a keyword. Header content is considered more descriptive of what is actually on the page.

Place your most keyword rich content as high on the page as you can. As a general rule, the first 25 words of body text will be heavily weighted. Don't forget that the spiders crawl all the html in your page and thus may go through several hundred characters before it comes to your body text.

When creating textual links, try to make the links a keyword. Keyword links will garner much more credit than 'Click Here.'

Add keyword rich ALT text to your graphic links. Make certain, however, that the ALT text is descriptive of the link destination, and that you do not use the same word for your ALT text throughout the page. Repeating the same ALT text on every link is fairly easy for a spider to spot.

Some search engines look for patterns and proximity in your text and rank pages where your keywords occur close to each other.